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Why DMOA got engaged?

Benjamin Denef & Matthias Mattelaer

DMOA is a Belgian Architect and Engineering company, specialised in distinguished housing and constructions, combining the use of innovative materials with traditional craftsmanship.

Our quest for innovation is in line with DMOA strengths and day-to-day business, combining various disciplines into a thoughtful, efficient and durable construction.

The Maggie program is also close to our hearts. We are fathers too, and we feel strongly that we have a duty to transmit our knowledge and expertise to those organisations that are dedicated to the most unfortunate.

The development was quite a challenge.  The technical people will certainly understand the various engineering challanges we had to endure in order to create this first prototype. Most of our choices for the materials are made upon experience, industry best practice and simulations. The prototype will allow us to test many ideas and elements used in building the maggie – so we can successfully complete the proof-of-concept stage and start to make a difference in the lives of many displaced families around the world. 

  Owners of DMOA Architects & Engineers



Inge Stuyckens

I was delighted when they asked me to take on the design of the maggie. I was following social profit engineering initiatives for years and was keen to engage my knowlage and skills as a Civil Engineer to a cause that has a social impact.

I become emotionally attached to the maggie through my many sketches, 2D, 3D models, research and simulations. We did many trials. Our biggest challenge was the optimisation of the shelter – using the least possible materials without neglecting the overall strength, simplicity and comfort of the shelter.

During the development, a small human being started growing in my belly. My child will have the privileges of the western world but I know that the passion I put into this project will make a difference for kids that were less fortunate.

Technical Lead, The Maggie

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Kjell Keymolen

project leader
Supervisor Construction, Maggie Steenokkerzeel