Maggie V04

Maggie V04

Emergency response
6 tailored, durable emergency solutions

The world is quick to respond to emergencies. But displaced people often stay in camps for many years and have needs long after most relief organisations have left. Tents are not a solution against harsh weather conditions. The maggie addresses the shortcomings of tents and bridges emergency with longer term needs.

Emergency solution that bridges longer term

maggie V04

6 different purposes:


Only 1 in 3 displaced children in camps have access to education. Education is often the only hope for a way out. 

community centres 4

We created a low-cost shelter that looks like a tent, but has the qualities and advantages of a solid building.


Tents are still used at large for medical wards and health posts. But tents are not adequate against heat and cold, insects, dust and hygiene. The maggie will lower the rate of illness and mortality.

temperature controlled warehouses

Food and drugs deteriorate due to exposure to heat and humidity. Temporary warehouses are rarely adequate against insects and rodents.

safe operational centres

The maggie is ideal for training or community activities with the possibility to adapt and upgrade the maggie with extra security, electricity, compartments and furniture.


Fixed building are not always available or allowed. Containers are expensive and transport costs are very high. The maggie is the alternative; it will provide the convenience and virtues of a fixed modern building without the hassles of building permits or permissions.


Maggie upgraded functionality: the maggie uses profiles allowing the attachment of e.g. dividers, shelves, tables, cabinets and electricity sockets.


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