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UlyankuluEducation Centre, Tanzania


Education Centre


Refugees in Ulyankulu that were guaranteed the Tanzanian citizenship recently


April 2018


Ulyankulu, Tanzania




Wayair Foundation

Maggie Program is happy to announce that we are commencing a cooperation with Wayair Foundation. The young architects from Wayair Foundation (Iwo Borkowicz (JEJU.studio) Adam Siemaszkiewicz (JEJU.studio) Łukasz Rawecki (ARH+) designed am educational village for the former refugee camp of Ulyankulu, Tanzania. Maggie program will help to carry out phase 2 and 3 in design, fundraising, site management and even giving a hand on site building this essential  space for the community in Ulyankulu.

Ulyankulu is a young, small town in the north-west of Tanzania. It began as a refugee camp following the migration of thousands of Burundians in 1972. In 2015, in a historic decision, the refugees received Tanzanian citizenship. Today, Ulyankulu is an emerging Tanzanian town, providing ample opportunities for infrastructural investments and developments.

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The Design

The project priorities traditional knowledge, heritage and local identity complemented by environmental awareness and professional architectural and teaching expertise.  The project uses materials, details and craftmanship from Ulyankulu and it creates sustainable and social inclusive architecture. 

The quality of the final product is high and the design incorporates the following innovations:

  • The classroom structural design creates efficient passive cooling to prevent internal overheating.
  • The roof collects rainwater and stores it underground to supply students with necessary water during harsh annual draughts. It is worth mention it is the first try to implement water strategyies in this area where the inhabitants suffers from a water crisis.
  • At the heart of the Education Village is the theatre shaded by the canopy of a beautiful mango tree, where professionals from Wayair Foundation we will train teachers to work with students using theatre-based methods.

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