School to school

School to school

School project, awareness & engagement
9 – 12 year old kids

The objective of this project is raising awareness, education and tolerance towards refugees. Forecasts indicate that the numbers will increase drastically over the next 20 years so we put the situation and the challenge into perspective.

Awareness and exchange program for schools on displaced people.

The context: 65 Million have been driven from their homes by war, persecution, climate changes and/or economic hardship. They search for a way out, a new beginning and a future for their kids.


Awareness and educational session about to start

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Why people flea? Causes, history, context and consequences

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Kids having hundreds of questions

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Kids sharing thougths during the break

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The kids really want to get grip on what’s going on in the world.


Participants are sorting through personal effects that refugees left behind in the Saharan desert

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Testimonials of refugees that have made the dangerous journey to Europe

“What are you waiting for”

is a project that explains the plight of displaced people. The target group is kids between 9 and 12 years old.
film & productie: Daniel Demoustier

Choreo: Zoë Demoustier

Muziek: Guus Fluit, Tchiah Ommar

Lyrics: @Bart Peeters, Tchiah Ommar

Locatie en Dansers: Sint-Lambertusschool Heverlee

Help: We have a school package (9-12 year kids) including teaching materials, project work, presentation with many pictures and open debate, the dance “What are you waiting for” with choreographer (can be filmed and aired on social media). Cost is 780Euro to cover costs for people, transport and materials. Schools willing to launch a fundraising activity can contact us for guidance.

Donate: Our ambition is to donate 2 equipped schools (240 pupils) to a refugee camp. Every contribution, no matter how small, counts to make this happen.