Maggie goes to Leuven

Maggie Goes To Leuven




July 2020


Sint-Norbertus School, Leuven, Belgium



Sint-Norbertus School – Client
JuuNoo & UNILIN – Inner walls
Andre Celis – Building materials
Rexel – Electrical supplies
Tim Arnoys – HVAC 
VDL elektra – Electricity 
Argex – Insulation floor and walls
Isover Saint-Gobain – Roof Insulation
Verona Pro – Doors
Vermako en Vervaeke – Maggie’s
Stad Leuven – Support
Technische dienst HHH – Support
Campo&Jacoby – Landscaping
Atelier Parcours – Landscaping
‘TJonck-Nillis – Architect schoolbuilding
Stabilit Benelux – Polycarbonate windows
EXIE – bio-ecological insulation


Estimated budget:



#Maggiegoesto #Leuven – Day 11

Insulation : check
Argex wall fillings: check
Delicious Couscous meal offered by a happy volunteer : check
Heating and cooling : check
Tomorrow last finishings!

#Maggiegoesto #Leuven – Day 10

Compartment walls between the different classes with the circular and red dot award winning JuuNoo walls. Very cool innovation.
Special thx to Unilin for sponsoring the finishing boards of the walls.
CEO Koen Braekman of Veronapro was so kind to give us a hand with the finishing of their entrance doors.
And off course…insulation, insulation, insulation
We smell the finish line !

#Maggiegoesto #Leuven – Day 9

Doors and insulation day!
Not the most fun part…but a lot of helping hands make the work light.

#Maggiegoesto #Leuven – Day 8

Top day for Maxim ! Pumping Argex clay pebbles in the floor and walls. Afterwards everything progressed very smooth thx to our volunteers. Steeldeck plates, flooring, last wall tarpaulins,…
And to end the day a delicious meal and some stand up comedy by Laura and Karolien.

#Maggiegoesto #Leuven – Day 7

Early finish today since everything is ready to blow the expanded clay pebbels in the floor and walls tomorrow. Hit the sack early: ready for our second week.

#Maggiegoesto #Leuven – Day 6

Already starting some finishings ! Skylights, roof edges, inner ceilings and some walls. Had some great pizzas from Otomat and live music from Freek the Snake and beer fresh from the tap of ViaVia Heverlee.
Ready for a hard working sun shiny Sunday.

#Maggiegoesto #Leuven – Day 5

Paella day by Ward!
Last roof tarpaulins are in and starting with the walls.
Very grateful that our volunteering and favorite contractors VDL & VDM and Tim Arnoys started with the electricity and heating system today.

#Maggiegoesto #Leuven – Day 4

The roofs go in ! Still 3 days ahead of schedule.
Thx for the delicious pasta pesto !

#Maggiegoesto #Leuven – Day 3

A rainy day couldn’t keep us from progressing as planned. A new group of great volunteers joined us. Great vibes that’s for sure.

#Maggiegoesto #Leuven – Maggie Program on ROB-tv

#Maggiegoesto #Leuven – Day 2

We are flying! Thx to our incredibly handy volunteers we’re again a day ahead. All the 4 Maggies are raised in the air and secured.

#Maggiegoesto #Leuven – Day 1

15 hard working volunteers today.
We achieved more than we hoped for. Already 1 day ahead on schedule!


#Maggiegoesto #Leuven – Production Started

Production atVermako Cover Solutions’ almost ready! Lot’s of aluminium to be assembled soon.

#Maggiegoesto #Leuven – Team Meeting

First work meeting with the Maggie team after a short break. Ready to start in 3 weeks with the help of more than 20 excited volunteers from all around the country.
More updates soon ! 

#Maggiegoesto #Leuven – Preparation

First meeting on site with Sint Norbertus school, Campo Jacoby (landscape construction) and Bert Van Looveren (landscape architect).
The groundworks have begun!
Beginning of July we will build the 4 Maggies as a pop-up kindergarten in Heverlee for 2 Years.
Afterwards we will dismantle them and rebuild the school in the south for disadvantaged children.
Visitors always welcome!
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