Maggie goes to Cameroon

Maggie Goes To Cameroon


Sheltering and a mixed-use semi-fixed structure


64 students at les lionceaux boarding school, Odin Too, Cameroon 


Aug 2018


Odin Oto, Zouameyong, Cameroon



Irie World ivzw 

Maggie goes to Cameroon

Through the media exposure that Maggie enjoyed during the past couple of years, IRIE-world i.v.z.w. -a Belgian non-profit NGO that is active in the area of Zouameyong in the past 7 years- came in contact with us for a concept to save a future of 64 children annually. The concept is to build up an instant, insulated, upgradable, and semi-fixture dormitory for the boarding school of Les Lionceaux. The fixture dorm will be ready in 2021 funded by the Flemish government but til then we will lose 3 year and many children can fall into child labor or child-marrige instead of attending a school that can improve their future opportunities. 

The boarding school is a saviour for many dropping out children e.g. Caroline. Caroline is a young girl that has to walk 3 hours everyday to school. This time consuming forced her parents to drop her out of school so she can work and perform the households activities. Her father agreed that she can be back to school under one condition: “Attending a Boarding school.” 


Because of the particular circumstances of wide spreading population over the rainforest of southern Cameroon the children has an average of 4 hours per day walking to the school. There are many children in the same situation like Caroline thus Maggie Program have committed to build 2 Maggie’s produced by our partners (consulted and designed by DMOA and manufactured by the Vermako), to ship them to Kribi, Cameroon and then to build them up by the locals and assistance of four fellow architects sponsored by DMOA. This will occur from 22 to 31 August.

One more advantage of the Maggie is the life-span of 15 years. The Maggies will be easily transformed into a library and a computer lab after the inauguration of the aforementioned dormitories in 2021. This transformation would turn the Maggies into a social hub where locals can get advantages of an library in an access distance.

We are looking for sponsors in our network to finance this non-profit campaign. DMOA contributes by funding free project management, travel costs and one week working on site with the locals.

After your generous contributions and donations, Maggie is finally going to Cameroon only with your help. Thank you all our sponsors -especially Gold and Silver sponsors- who made this come true.

Maggie Goes To Cameroon’s sponsors are:

The mission to Odin Oto, went good with all the dedicated volunteers and the local support we managed to build the two Maggies within the mission time and now please let us show you how to build a Maggie in two days through this video of time-lapse:

Here are some of the pictures we took along the way of building the two Maggies with the Maggie Team and he locals:

Preparation of the foundations feet

Maggie goes to Cameroon

Team Locals

Maggie goes to Cameroon

Maggie’s Frame Structure

Maggie goes to Cameroon

The local way of transferring the floor

Maggie goes to Cameroon

Floor placing

Maggie goes to Cameroon

It was about knowledge transfer as it was about building the Maggie’s

Maggie goes to Cameroon

Walls felling with sand as an insulation wall

Maggie goes to Cameroon

Aerial photo of the 2 Maggies in Odin Oto

Maggie goes to Cameroon

A group photo in inauguration day

Maggie goes to Cameroon

Finally, the Maggies are hosting the students of Les Lionceaux school, Odin Oto

Maggie goes to Cameroon
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