Maggie goes to Bangladesh

Maggie Goes To Bangladesh

Maggie Goes To Bangladesh


Health Care Centre


Heal War Sexual Abused Women Victims


Nov 2019


Kutupalong Refugee Camp, Cox Bazar




Maggie goes to Bangladesh

What is the problem addressed? 

-The overview medical treatment facilities in Kutupalong refugee camp, Bangladesh that can empower doctors to treat women in general (nearly 52% of the camp residents are women Source: UNWomen) and abused women during the running conflict. 

“Existing health-care facilities are overstretched; sexual and reproductive health services are virtually non-existent”UNW Jan 2018 

-The absence of temperature controlled warehouses because of tents and makeshift building material can’t afford heat isolation.


What is our proposed innovation?

Implementing a health care centre for women (victims of conflict) in Kutupalong refugee camp, Bangladesh. It consists of 4 innovative Maggie-shelters: an emergency room (16 beds), a short and long recovery wards (32 beds) and a temperature controlled warehouse (pharmacy). A total infrastructure of 400m2. 


What is Maggie Shelter?

The Maggie is an innovative construction that looks like a tent (fast and easy to assemble and disassemble) but has the virtues of a fixed building (lifespan>15 years). More info:


How will this innovation address this problem more effectively than current approaches?

Current approaches for infrastructure are based on short term solutions with low quality that lack of hygiene and sustainability. To make a descent medical centre you need a real building (UNHCR, 2017: average stay in refugee camps is over 17 years). Therefore DMOA Architects designed the Maggie, a fast to assemble, tent-like concept, but with the virtues of a fixed building, based on 30 life saving criteria. Distinguished in 5 categories: Comfort, Safety, Hygiene, Durability, Adaptability, User-Centered.


How our innovation is relevant to vulnerable, hard to reach populations affected by conflict?

We will build this year 2 Maggies as part of a boarding school in a remote area in the jungle of Cameroon ( Our goal to enable children to go back to school. Otherwise they end up in child labour (especially the young girls) and have no future at all. The Maggie-concept is the solution for this specific context because there is no alternative to act fast. The region is so remote that constructions with traditional materials is slow and expensive.

Maggie goes to Bangladesh
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