Pipeline projects


Earth-heat exchangers bring cooler or warmer air
into hot and cold climates

Earth-heat exchangers are a simple, low-cost solution and don’t require a fuel or electricity source. The exchanger uses the earth as a heat source in the winter or a heat ‘sink’ in the summer. This design takes advantage of the moderate temperatures in the ground to boost efficiency and reduce the operational costs of heating and cooling systems. 

Near-zero energy construction

Fuel is the major cost for shelters over time. Fuel dependency is a risk factor. Fuel autonomy is more reliable.

The maggie performs very well on cold & heat resistance. Our quest is to deliver a near-zero energy shelter. Extra renewable sources using sunlight, wind or geothermal solutions are used for heating or cooling in harsh climates, instead of electricity.

We offer renewable energy equipment from partners with a proven track record to complement the maggie.

Shelter floors can prevent life threatening diseases and hypothermia

Providing proper floors in shelters improves hygiene and prevents infections and hypothermia from claiming the lives of those at risk.

40% of the heat is lost without a proper floor in cold climates. There is currently no low cost, easy to transport solution that anchors into the shelter skeleton.

The maggie incorporates either a quality tarpaulin floor or a fixed floor (new development) seemingly and is therefore adequate against flooding, dust, insects & rodents or bacteria.

Growing crops in the camps: at last, a vegetable!

Many refugees never see a fresh vegetable.

A refugee’s diet is monotonous and does not meet the full needs for nutrients of the population.

Many camps are located in very arid or desert areas. Small gardens complement the basic food ration but it’s difficult to support them without taking a toll on the limited water resources. We can address this by combining existing technics in a new approach with the maggie.

Class-to-Class exchange program between camp and established schools

Our ambition is to deliver solutions for education. We collaborate with organisations that are operational in the field.  We deliver computers so that schools can enrich the curriculum, support distance learning programs and connect to the rest of the world.

We offer school-to-school pairing and class-to-class exchange sessions with schools from around the world. We believe that this is the key for building a mutual understanding about cultural diversity, tolerance and prospects for a great future.