Innovation of the maggie

Innovation of the maggie

Development and evaluations
3 different models according to specific field requirements

The innovation process was done through several stages. In total, we comply to the 30 different criteria that shelter experts demanded. Every stage was tested and evaluated prior to proceeding to the next stage

Adaptable and multi-purpose solution to established needs

maggie visitors

Collect requirements from shelter experts


Study existing guidelines

tents research

Research existing tents and constructions


Determine all criteria

uitgangspunt 1

Our unique proposition

structure sketches

Initial concepts

joined pictures tent tests

Months of testing

climat drawings

Different climate simulations

climats diagrams

“Real case” environmental simulations

The maggie can adapt to different climates and seasons. The thermal capacity – or insulation – is obtained through the use of free, available materials that can be found everywhere.


Earth & Sand is available everywhere. Earth & sand provide thermal mass that reduces heat loss and maintains a steady indoor air temperature. Earth & sand also provides high acoustic performance and strengthens the construction considerably.


Organic insulation materials are those derived from natural vegetation or similar renewable sources (without hampering the livestock, food or degrading the surrounding nature. 

plastic bottles

There is often an excess of plastic waste in camps. Why not converting a problem into a solution and using plastic waste as an insulation material? Waste needs to be recycled ingeniously in order to capsulate air and perform well.


In most larger cities around the world you will find insulation materials. Even in remote locations foam or polystyrene insulation can often be found. Our research has indicated that a hybrid of classic insulation products in combination with sand or earth provides the best thermal and acoustic insulation performance.

Building the prototype

  • s1
  • s2
  • s3 2
  • s4
  • s33
  • s5
  • s6
  • s7
  • s8
  • s9
V01 2
V01 building2
V01 building
V04 1

6 different purposes:

safe operational centres
community centres 4
temperature controlled warehouses

Maggie upgraded functionality: the maggie uses profiles allowing the attachment of e.g. dividers, shelves, tables, cabinets and electricity sockets.


Download our maggie-shelter product brochure