Rewatch the documentary about Maggie-program in Yezidi on the Belgian television! 


What is the Maggie shelter? A short video pitch.

What is Maggie Program NPO?

The Maggie program represents a comprehensive approach in providing access to health, education and perspective for displaced and disadvantaged people worldwide, by offering European knowledge of building techniques and innovation.

Door kleinschalige constructieprojecten uit te rollen, worden innovatieve oplossingen geboden in moeilijk te bereiken of conflictrijke gebieden.

After innovating the Maggie Shelter, DMOA architects today supports humanitarian actors through sharing building skills and new insights that lead to innovation. Through specific projects they introduce sustainability, circularity and ecology in a humanitarian building context by building solutions with Maggie shelters.

Why the Maggie shelter ?

The Maggie shelter is an infrastructure that looks like a tent but has the virtues of a fixed building. The design is based on 30 lifesaving criteria. It consists of an easy to assemble aluminium frame, wrapped in a double layer of canvas. 

AlgemeenSchema 01

It takes only 2 days and 6 people to set up a Maggie of 100m2. Once sheltered, the walls and the roof can be filled with materials that are locally available, like insulation, sand, organic materials and even stray plastic with the help of the local community . It thus becomes a sustainable, adaptable, circular, insulated and upgradable building with a life-span of over 15 years. Some of its unique characteristics are shown in the drawing underneath.


Instagram feed met het dagelijkse nieuws

Proud to present our ‘Maggie goes To’ ecosystem with this beautiful infographic ❤️ made by Tinzi Fonteyne !

In a nutshell: if you rent a Maggie for only 3 years we are able to donate them as a school for disadvantaged children!

Maggie goes to Leuven will be the first step and the first try-out. Now looking for local partners for the second phase in two years that will adopt the Maggie’s in their humanitarian projects. Don’t hesitate to candidate via a PM (

Special thx to @bart_peeters_pp for his guidance 🙏

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Maggie goes to Leuven – logistics

Every mission has it's challenges. Yesderday the delivery of the 4 Maggie's was a perfect fit :). Also a big thumbs up for the driver of Vermako keeping his head cool on this very busy road.

In Cameroon and Kenya, the Maggie's were the compact answer to reach very remote areas over muddy roads. In this case in Leuven it's the difficult to reach garden behind the school where we have to build, that made Maggie the best option.

Monday we start to assemble. Stay tuned.

#Maggiegoesto #Leuven

awaiting the documentary of @campfirefilmtv, we got already some footage to play with 🤗@unhcr_belgium @unhcrkenya @koentimmers @takeactionedu #maggiegoesto #kakuma #makingof #timelapse

Our first printed certificate ever in the (real) mailbox today ❤️❤️ Thx @unhcr_belgium @unhcrkenya 🙏 #maggiegoesto #kakuma

Maggie goes to Leuven
First work meeting with the Maggie team after a short break. Ready to start in 3 weeks with the help of more than 20 excited volunteers from all around the country.
More updates soon !
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Maggie animation #maggiegoesto#kakuma #funatwork #animation #thelionsleepstonight

Sorry…now it’s done 🤣 #Maggiegoesto #kakuma #afterparty

Furniture arriving #maggiegoesto #kakuma #localfurniture

The artist that decorated Maggie #maggiegoesto #kakuma #localart

Locally made school desks #Maggiegoesto #kakuma

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