Who is Maggie Program NPO?

The Maggie program represents a comprehensive approach towards providing access to health, education and perspective for displaced and disadvantaged people worldwide, byoffering European knowledge of building techniques and innovation.

The aim is to work through small-scale construction projects and bring innovative solutions to hard-to-reach or conflict areas. Originating from their Maggie shelter innovation, the Maggie Program forms the non-profit department of DMOA architects.

What is Maggie Shelter?

The Maggie shelter is a building that looks like a tent but has the virtues of a fixed structure, the design is based on 30 lifesaving criteria.

concept Maggie Shelter

It consists of an easy to assemble aluminum frame, wrapped with a double layer of canvas. These walls and the roof can then be filled up with materials that are locally available, like insulation, sand, organic materials and even stray plastic. It thus becomes a sustainable, adaptable, insulated and upgradable solution with a life-span of over 15 years.

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❤️1 september ❤️ ...

Maggie goes to Yezidi - updates from Iraq

Cool to see Panaga Organization for Education taking so much care for the Maggie school ❤️.
Thx @zirakhameed for the update 🙏

#maggiegoesto #yezidi #followup

MAGGIE GOES TO LEUVEN - project summary

Small impression of the pop up school we delivered last week to Sint Norbertus school, Heverlee. 360 m2 of highly insulated, sustainable and circular Maggie Shelters. 6 classrooms and a teacher space for the next 2 years during their renovation. The plug and play innovation made it possible to build with unskilled volunteers in less than 2 weeks, supervised by maggie-program. Each classroom is delivered with a heating (and cooling) pump, LED, power sockets, water and a waste drain.

2 years later the shelters will be shipped to Congo. They will be donated to a local NGO to serve as a school for disadvantaged children for 15 years to come.

Materials specific for our climate (heating pump, insulation, windows), will move to the next project or will be reused in the Belgian building market. No waste left behind.

Special thx to our partners Argex, @exie.2020 @veronaproramen Vermako Vervaeke @saintgobaingroup @andrecelisnv Stabilit, Tim Arnoys, VDL & VDM Electrics, @rexelbelgium @aliplast.aluminium @unilinpanels @juunoo_wall_system @dmoaarchitecten @kurtrondou

Drone footage: @maxim_lannaux

MGTL - last wall filing with Argex 💪💪 ...

MGTL - funny moments

As promised , Maxim the Blond God had the honour to work with the hose today. Pumping 60 m3 of Argex in the Maggie plint and floors today.
In two years we will recuperate the expanded clay pebbles and use them in gardening projects. Ecological and circular experiments = innovation.
Thx Argex for the partnership and support !

#maggiegoesto #leuven #CircularBuilding #innovation

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