Maggie and DMOA

DMOA is an architecture bureau from Leuven, Belgium. It is registered in architects order in Flemish Brabant. DMOA’s projects are varying in topology and style in order to satisfy the clients who comes from different backgrounds and seek architecture solution. 
The relationship between Maggie Program, Maggie Shelter and DMOA?
Maggie Program vzw is the non-profit department of DMOA architects. It aims to roll out small-scale construction projects with innovative solutions in hard-to-reach or conflict areas for refugees and disadvantaged populations. It originated as a result of the Maggie shelter innovation. 
The first proof of concept was in Steenokkerzeel for uncombined minors refugees -as a result of innovative process in DMOA  and supported by Vlaio. Maggie is a building that looks like a tent by filling the double-walled structure with local materials such as sand and even plastic waste.
In the meantime, the concept has won many prizes and was recently included in an exhibition in MoMa New York, the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum and the Venice Biennale.
  • Henry van de Velde Design award 2017
  • Finalist Aidex Innovation Challenge 2016
  • Belgian Building Award 2018