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The maggie-program has delivered a solution for an established need. The key to success was the public-private-NGO partnership where disciplines were efficiently managed in parallel with the innovation process and project-stage planning.

Book Benjamin. Benjamin Denef is the co-owner of DMOA, a Belgian architect and engineering company specialised in distinguished housing and constructions. DMOA orchestrates various disciplines into thoughtful, durable and ingenious living-habitats. Listen to our story, from an idea to an out-of-the box, innovative global solution.

Book Bart. Bart Peeters has been advising organisations and companies internationally to focus, change and deliver. Bart has done this for over + 20 years in +30 countries – for the very large, the specialized and the small. Bart’s areas of expertise are organisational capacity building & change management, strategies for international expansion, CSR & engagement, and managing international Public-Private Partnerships (Including UN, WEF, DPWN-DHL global, Microsoft Global, ..)


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