Medical treatment centres for East-Congo

Medical care + skills for raped women & children

Medical treatment unit + recovery ward (142 m2) and Training Centre for victims of rape and torture (105 m2)
This project enables SAVECONGO to provide services inside the conflict zones where many victims of war hide
SAVECONGO, Close-the-Gap, Monusco, UNHCR DRC

War rape and torture is used in Eastern Congo. Thousands of women and children live with the stigma and trauma of rape making it difficult to get accepted again even in their own communities. We will help SAVECONGO to reach and treat more victims and to give them skills to rebuild their lives.

War rape and torture on women and children is happening

Eastern Congo host many of these victims

SAFECONGO plays a leading role to treat and support these victims

We help SAFECONGO to reach more victimes better

By giving them maggies to operate in the zones of conflict


Help us to help them